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DS2-16 - Detail Spray, 16 oz.
DS2-1GAL - Detail Spray, Gallon

Adam’s Detail Spray is the cornerstone of our product line and is the most versatile component in
any detail kit. This “Best of Show” winner is a favorite at car shows. Use as a waterless car wash, a
clay bar lubricant, or to enhance the depth and clarity of paint, chrome, plastic, aluminum, and glass.
Specially formulated lubricants gently remove dirt, smudges, and grime, leaving surfaces with a
smooth, ultra-high gloss finish. Use in the sun or shade, and in hot or cool temperatures.

  Enhance Gloss, Depth, & Shine
  Extends Protection with NEW Wax Boosting Technology
  Still Easy to Use, with No Streaking or Residues
  Enjoy the Amazing Scent While You Clean and Add Shine!
SVRT-16 - Super V.R.T. Conditioner

Like tires that look new, not oily and shiny?   How about the exterior plastic of your vehicle?   You
will love our Vinyl, Rubber, and Tire Dressing.   Enhance and protect the appearance of plastic,
rubber, tires, moldings, and all vinyl surfaces. Adam’s V.R.T. is water-based, and contains no
harmful solvents or alcohol. The thick moisturizing cream applies easily with a sponge and will not
leave a greasy film, attract dirt, or harm paint and glass. Added U.V. protection keeps vehicle
interiors and exteriors looking and feeling like new.   New 16oz size

  Leaves a Crisp, Sharp Freshly Detailed Look
  Durable SPF 35 Protection
  Dries, No Worry of Sling on your Paint
  Water Repellent
IOS-1PK -  In & Out Spray, 10 oz.

Use Adam's In & Out Spray to dress those complex areas that are simply tedious to deal with using
an applicator. The plastic grill, those hood scoop vents, the ribbed hoses under the hood, even the
tight corners around your mirror caps. This incredible dressing sprays on, self levels, and finishes
with a clean, satin look that completes the job.

Gets into Tight Areas with Ease
Go from Boring to Brilliant FAST
A Customer Favorite for Over 10 Years
VOC Compliant in all 50 States
IUC-16 - Under Carriage spray, 16 oz.

When you have finished detailing, and stand back to admire your shiny, perfectly polished finish,
there is something still ugly. Yes, your wheel wells are still visible! We developed this special product
to make your wheel wells, and all undercarriage completely invisible. Spray after a wash, and before
detailing for best results, and you'll love the low-gloss, dark finish that our Invisible Undercarriage
Spray leaves behind. Guaranteed to please, 110%.

  Give your Detail that Crisp, Sharp Look
  Turn your Ugly Wheel Wells Invisible
  Quick and Easy to Use
  Leaves a Black Satin Finish
APP-BLOCK - VRT Applicator Block, EA.

One of our favorite detailing tools of the trade is Adam's VRT Super Block Dressing Applicators. This large
reusable sponge applies a thin, even coat of Adam's Super VRT Tire & Trim Dressing  or Adam's Leather
& Interior Conditioner without the mess. Wash out the sponge with a quick spray of Adam's All Purpose
Cleaner for easy cleaning. These economical sponges are new and improved with a denser, more durable
foam construction.  You'll find a whole host of uses for them on your vehicles.

  Mess Free Application Tire & Trim Dressings
  Washable and Reusable
  Makes Detailing your Tires Easier
  Cut and Customize for Tight Spaces
APC-16 - All Purpose Cleaner, 16 oz

Adam's All Purpose Cleaner isn't rocket science, but it effectively cleans the worst grime your car
brings home without being harsh or harmful to any surface.  At Adam's Polishes, if a product isn't
safe, easy and effective, we kick it to the curb.

  Tough On Dirt but Easy On Your Car
  Clean Wheels, Tires, Engines and More
  Great For Cleaning Up Your Detailing Accessories
  Safely Cleans Your Foam Buffing & Polishing Pads
CUC-16 - Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

Adam's Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner is the result of working extensively with our chemists to find
the perfect carpet and upholstery cleaner.  We think Adam's Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner is the
best available.  It's easy to use, safe, and it knocks out of the worst soil and stains you can imagine.

  Simply the Best Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner Available
  Easy to Use and Effective Even the Worst Stains
  Safe, Non-toxic and Hypoallergenic
  Dye free, perfume free, non-foaming formula
LIC-16 - Leather & Interior Cleaner, 16 oz.

Adam's Leather & Interior Cleaner... Ah, the smell of fine leather.  It's a decadent luxury, and one
that needs to be treated with tender loving care if it's going to last.  Unfortunately, most folks don't
realize how harmful harsh detergents can be on leather, vinyl and textured plastic.  Fact is, harsh
cleaners leach the color and cut the sheen right off of these fine finishes.

  Safely Deep Cleans All Leather Vinyl and Plastic Interior Surfaces
  Fresh Leather Scent of Fine Leather
  Maintains Original Factory Sheen and Color
  Gentle on your Interior, Tough on Dirt
BW-16 -  Buttery Wax

Adam's Buttery Car Wax makes waxing your car a joy, not a chore - The Amazing NEW FORMULA is
our best version yet! Easier to apply, better results, and still one of the only waxes on the market
that you can apply on a hot panel in direct sunlight without any issues.

  Easy On, Easy Off, Even in Direct Sunlight
  Incredible Gloss and Shine with Less Effort
  Carnauba Wax Fortified with Advanced Polymers
  Fills Imperfections Leaving a Great Shine
BG-16 -  Brilliant Spray Glaze

Add amazing depth, shine, and a whole new dimension to your finish with our Adam's Brilliant Glaze.
Easy on and easy off,  this is the fastest way to an unbelievable shine. Our all new formula is 110%
guaranteed to impress!

Amazing Depth, Gloss and Clarity
Super Easy On and Easy Off
Achieve that Deep, Wet Looking Shine
Quick Hazing for Fast Application
QS-1PK -  Quick Sealant

An amazing break through in polymer technology, Adam's NEW Quick Sealant is the first product of
its kind! Utilizing new cross linking polymers this spray on paint sealant is 100% optically clear, giving
you a hard, durable shine, without any staining on adjacent trim. Adam's Quick Sealant is so
perfectly clear it can actually be used to protect textured trim and matte finishes other sealants or
waxes would easily discolor. Adam's Quick Sealant can be used to protect all exterior vehicle
surfaces including paint, glass, chrome, aluminum and vinyl.

100% Optically Clear! No residues or staining on any surface.
Applies quick and easy for fast protection of paint, glass, & wheels
Excellent shine and long lasting durability for months of protection
DWC-16 - Deep Wheel Cleaner, 16 oz.
DWC-36 - Deep Wheel Cleaner, 36 oz.

Adam's Deep Wheel Cleaner is the ultimate way to remove stubborn brake dust and metallic
contamination from your wheels. The thick formula clings to wheel surfaces and allows the european
derived formula to melt away the stubborn brake dust commonly left behind by many of todays
high-performance braking systems. The color changing formula lets you know its working, turning to
a deep purple as it activates and does the hard work for you.

  Changes Colors As It Works!
  pH Neutral Cleaner is Tough on Brake Dust, Gentle on Wheels
  Dissolves Stubborn Metallic Contamination  
  Great for Cleaning Brake Dust from Modern Sport Brakes
RP-16 - Revive Polish

Adam's Revive Fine Hand Car Polish is the perfect one step polishing solution for perfect or near
perfect paint that needs that little something extra to bring back the shine. If your paint is flawless,
but just seems to lack that luster use Adam's Revive Fine Hand Car Polish with our color coded
Adam's BLUE Hex-Grip Polish Applicator to restore that 'new paint' shine and enhance gloss. Follow
with any one of our waxes to protect the paint and add even more depth!

  Adds Depth, Gloss and Clarity
  Super Easy to Use
  Revive your Finish by Hand
  Perfect Pre-Wax Cleaner
MP-1-16 - Metal Polish 1

Adam's Metal Polish #1 is the first step to bringing back your dull looking aluminum, chrome, or
stainless trim? Just a few moments with our Adam's Metal Polish #1 will restore them to a like new
luster. Adam's Metal Polish #1 isn't some watered down weak polish, this stuff is powerful and has
the power to really bring out the gloss and that luster that only comes from truly polished metal.

  Polish Aluminum, Chrome, Stainless & Uncoated Metals
  Adam's Metal Polish #1 Restores Neglected Metals
  Follow with Adam's Metal Polish #2 for a Brilliant SHINE
  VOC Compliant for ALL 50 States
MP-2-16 - Metal Polish 2

If you have polished aluminum, chrome, stainless or other uncoated metal trim prepare to see a
shine like you've never seen before! You won't believe the shine you'll achieve with Adam's Metal
Polish #2 easy to use formula. Newly reformulated and back by popular demand our 2 stage metal
polishing system has been the secret weapon of award winning show cars all over the world. No
other metal polishing chemicals on earth can produce such absolutely stunning results on aluminum,
chrome, stainless, nickel plate, or other raw metals.

  Polish Aluminum, Chrome, Stainless & Uncoated Metals
  Adam's Metal Polish #2 Achieves Perfection
  You Won't Believe the SHINE
  VOC Compliant for ALL 50 States
PCP - Paint Correcting Polish

The main event in detailing is and always has been achieving that perfect, swirl free, paint finish. So
when the team at Adam's went to work on a new paint correction and polishing system we knew we
had to do something truly special. Tested and developed to work with both foam and microfiber
polishing pads on all types of machines Adam's Paint Correcting Polish is our most powerful swirl
removal compound to date, but still finishes cleanly and is extremely easy to use.  

  Incredible Correcting Polish Thats Easy To Use
  Works With Any Machine Polisher for Amazing Results
  Compatible with Foam and Microfiber Cutting Pads
  Step 1 Of Our 2 Step Paint Correction Process
PFP - Paint Finishing Polish

Designed specifically to follow Adam's Paint Correcting Polish, this all new formula is the ideal
finishing polish to remove the haze left behind by heavier cutting agents and compounds, while still
being able to do light correction and swirl removal on only slightly damaged finishes. Adam's Paint
Finishing Polish has been tested and developed to work with all machine polishers, including dual
action, random orbit, and rotary tools.  

  The Perfect Polish To Bring Out A Flawless Shine
  Works With Any Machine Polisher for Amazing Results
  Compatible with Foam and Microfiber Cutting Pads
  Step 2 Of Our 2 Step Paint Correction Process
GC-16 - Glass Cleaner, 16 oz
GC-1GAL - Glass Cleaner, Gallon

Adam's Glass Cleaner is not just a better glass cleaner; it's also Eco-friendly and the pleasant
fresh scent will make you smile as well.  Let's face it, none of us like doing windows, but with the
right glass cleaner, the job is much easier. Adam's Glass Cleaner is the right stuff. and for sure the
best glass cleaner you will ever use!

  Safe Glass Cleaner Inside and Out
  Streak Free Glass Cleaning with a Pleasant Scent
  Eco-Friendly, No Ammonia or Alcohol
  Polishes you Glass as it Cleans
LCON-16 - Leather Conditioner, 16 oz.

Ah, the smell of rich, supple leather!  There's nothing quite like it.  Keep it that way with Adam's
Leather & Interior Conditioner.  It's the premium interior treatment, but we didn't stop there! Adam's
Leather & Interior Conditioner offers premium protection for your dash, door panels, and any other
hard interior surface.

Conditions Leather, Vinyl, and Plastic Interior Surfaces
Fresh Fine Leather Scent
Leaves a Satin Finish thats Never Greasy or Oily
Contains Premium UV Blockers for SPF 65 Protection
TID-16 - Total Interior Detailer, 16 oz.

Adam's Total Interior Detailer is your one step solution for a clean, dressed, and factory looking
interior. With Special UV blocking agents, odor neutralizers, and anti-static additives this all-in-one
cleaner and dressing is the ultimate solution for moderate to light cleaning on all your interior
surfaces including dash, door panels, leather, vinyl, plastic, and similar surfaces.  

Clean and Dress Interior Surfaces In One Easy Step
UV Protection for Your Dash, Door Panels, Leather, Etc.
Special Odor Neutralizers Kill Unwanted Smells
Anti-Static Formula Helps Prevent Dust Buildup
WW-16 - Waterless Wash, 16 oz.

Advanced emulsifiers and special lubricants make our Adam's Waterless Car Wash a safe and
effective way to remove light surface dust and dirt without harming your clear coat. It's the perfect
choice when your access to water is limited or you just want to conserve H20.

Eco-Friendly Waterless Car Washing Made EASY
New Clear Blue Stable Coloring
New Green Apple Scent
No Water, No Hoses, No Mess!
GWC-16 - Green Wheel Cleaner, 16 oz.

Adam's Green Wheel Cleaner is a 100% water-based cleaner that safely and effectively cleans tires
and all types of wheels! This advanced formula takes advantage of new breakthroughs in chemical
engineering, creating a new class of non-ionic cleaner that does not release harmful zwitterions.

Eco-Friendly Wheel Cleaner
Tough on Dirt, Gentle on Wheels
Safely Clean Wheels and Tires Too
No Harmful Acids, Butyl, Butyl Ethers or Petroleum Distillates!
CWS-16 - Car Wash Shampoo, 16 oz.

Adam's Car Wash Shampoo will pamper your finish with its advance luxurious conditioning formula.  
Just as regular oil changes keep your car’s inner workings healthy, regular exterior cleaning keeps
your vehicle’s paint, trim, wheels and glass healthy and beautiful. Adam’s has the solution to your
routine exterior maintenance, and it all starts with Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo!

  PH balanced to maintain your finish
  Safe, Swirl Free Car Washing
  Concentrated Car Wash Formula
  100% Biodegradable and Earth Friendly
2-CLAY - Detailing Clay Bar

Adam's Detailing Clay will remove those stubborn bonded contaminants, make your paint super
smooth, and prep it for polishing and waxing. Decontaminating the exterior of your vehicle is the
foundation of any proper paint correction process and clay is the safest, easiest, and most effective
way to accomplish that. Adam's New Made in the USA Detail Clay is an entirely new clay compound.
Super soft, super sticky, and extra pliable its the easy to work with and doesn't become stiff or difficult
to use in colder conditions. The light coloring makes it easy to see whats trapped in your clay bar, so
you'll know when its time to swap for a new piece.

  A Completely New Clay Compound
  Super Soft, Super Sticky, Fine Grade Clay
  Removed Bonded Contamination From Paint, Glass, and More!
  100% Made In The USA
APW-MINI - Americana Premium Paste Wax

Adam's Americana Premium Carnauba Paste Car Wax is the car wax of choice once you have
knocked down all of the swirl marks, finessed your paint to perfection, and now want to achieve a
deep, lasting shine. As you apply Adam's Americana Premium Carnauba Paste Car Wax, your senses
come alive with a soft, soothing aroma. So, go ahead and day dream a little about your favorite
summertime experience on the beach, at the lake, or where ever it takes you. When you get back, the
shine on your car will have you smiling all over again.

  Adds Unbelievable Depth in Gloss and Paint Clarity
  Super Easy to Use Paste Car Wax
  America's Favorite Made in the USA Car Wax
  Long Lasting Paint Protection
CW-GG - Grit Guard, EA.

Adam's Grit Guard Insert keeps dirt where it belongs, at the bottom of the bucket. Rarely do bells and
whistles get my attention, but the Grit Guard Insert caught my eye. It fits perfectly in the bottom of your
wash bucket and serves as a washboard for the wash pad, keeping dirt off your pad and your vehicle. For
best results, rub the wash pad along the grit guard each time you dunk for more suds. (10.5" Diameter)

Separates the Grit from the Wash Mitt or Pad
Keeps Dirt at the Bottom of your Car Wash Bucket
The Solution to a Scratch Free Car Wash
Fits in the Bottom of your Car Wash Bucket

Adam's Essentials Car Detailing Kit makes car care fast and easy! That's because our best selling detailing kit
includes the right tools to get the job done in five easy steps:

Wash and dry your car to remove loose dirt. Adam’s Professional Car Wash Pad and Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo
gently cleans the exterior of your car without scratching. You and your car will both love the experience, because
Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo make tons of luxurious suds, it's easy on your skin, and it smells great.  You'll dry
your car with an Adam's Great White Microfiber Drying Towel. It's the softest, most absorbent drying towel

Deep clean your car's paint with Adam's Detailing Clay Bar. Adam's Detailing Clay Bar is the fast, professional,
and safe way to remove bonded contamination from your car's clear coat finish. Adam's Detailing Clay Bar cleans
and smooths your car's paint, glass and chrome without harsh abrasives. Adam's Detailing Clay Bar is the right
tool to use to remove paint overspray, factory fallout, brake dust, diesel soot, bonded bug remains, fine tree sap
particles, insect droppings, iron deposits, and more. In fact, just about any fine particle that bonds to your car's
paint can be safely removed with Adams Detailing Clay Bar.

Polish your cars paint with Revive Polish with Adam's BLUE Microfiber Applicator. Adam's Revive Fine Hand Polish
is a paint cleansing polish that's formulated to keep your car's paint in perfect condition without harsh abrasives.
Use Adam's Revive Fine Hand Polish to clean deep into your paint's surface, making your clear coat as clear as it
can possibly be. At the same time, Adam's Revive Fine Hand Polish's ultra fine polishes restore gloss and a deep
hard shine. As it works, Adam's Revive Fine Hand Polish leaves your paint finish darker, rich and radiant.

Wax your car with Adam's Buttery Car Wax, the easiest car wax you'll ever use. At Adam's Polishes, we believe
that simple is always better. That's why we made Adam's Buttery Car Wax so simple and easy to apply in the
shade, sun, hot or cold. It really doesn't matter how or where your apply it, Adam's Buttery Car Wax is super easy,
so you can enjoy waxing your car again. Made using a modern blend of polymers for strength and high grade
Carnauba wax for beauty, Adam's Buttery Car Wax sacrifices nothing.

Apply Adam's Super VRT Vinyl, Rubber & Tire Dressing to your car's tires, rubber and plastic trim. Adam's Super
VRT Vinyl, Rubber & Tire Dressing is a safe, water based, cream formula containing modern polymers that coat
and bond to all vinyl, plastic and rubber for premium protection and natural beauty. Adam's Super VRT Vinyl,
Rubber & Tire Dressing makes all exterior trim and rubber surfaces look dark and rich, not wet and greasy.
GS-4 - Glass Sealant, 4 oz.

No one likes doing windows, but with Adam's Glass Sealant getting your windshield perfect will be so
easy that it might just be your favorite part of cleaning your car!! Our super concentrated Adam's
Glass Sealant comes in a fine mist 4oz sprayer and makes all your windows super slick. By reducing
surface tension it literally forces water to bead up and roll away, working so effectively that rain will
simply blow off your glass at normal highway driving speeds without the use of your windshield
wipers. Used in conjunction with our Adam's Glass Cleaner and Adam's Microfiber Glass Cleaning
Towel your windows will stay cleaner for longer and look clearer than ever before.

  Adam's Glass Sealant Help Keeps Glass Clean
  Rain Will Simply Blow Off as you Drive
  Super Concentrated
  Reduces Surface Tension So Water Rolls Off